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This website was created to provide professionnals, clients, prospects and specialists with high quality information and client oriented communication, centered on Intelfi's expertises and the added value delivered to clients.

The tax and legal information are given as examples of the most usual Intelfi's assignments and missions. They can't be taken and should not be considered as recommendation or consulting applicable to any concrete or real situation that requires a specific work.

Intelfi declines any responsibility due to the application of examples given in this website to specific concrete situations. None of the examples and situations described in this website can be taken as real assignments Intelfi worked directly on.

The content of this web site is protected by copyright © 2003-2006 Intelfi. All rights reserved.

The information found on this web site, without any limitations, including text, images and sounds cannot be reproduced, transferred, distributed or stored without first obtaining Intelfi's explicit written authorization.

It is strictly forbidden to modify the contents of this web site.

Certain parts of this web site include images and illustrations subject to the principle of respect for royalties.

The commercial brands, logos and emblems that appear on this web site are subject to Intelfi's intellectual and industrial rights.

> Please send any questions to copyright@intelfi.com

This site was designed to be accessed from the most common navigators, including Netscape, Internet Explorer and Safari. General consultation of this site does not require the use of programs other than a navigator. There is therefore no downloading of programs or "cookies" by internet users on their computers.

In the specific case of the area reserved for authorized clients or partners with a reserved password, the technical link between the server and the client's computer may require the setting up of a "cookie." This cookie is for strictly technical reasons.

Certain documents can be viewed in the Acrobat PDF format. This option assumes that the user's computer is equipped with software such as Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from the following site :

> Please direct any questions to technique@intelfi.com

When an internet user is asked to register personal information on the site, notably in the contact form, Intelfi pledges to strictly use this information for the expressed professional requirements. Intelfi shall not store this data without first obtaining an agreement granting the rights to accessing this information and providing the possibility to correct this information at all times.

This data cannot be consulted, sold, assigned to any entity outside of Intelfi. Intelfi is currently negotiating a "TRUST.e" license. This non-profit organization certifies the trustworthiness and good practices of its license holders on the Internet.

Please direct any questions to privacy@intelfi.com

If you believe your skills could contribute to Intelfi's expansion based on the information provided on this web site, please send your one-page résumé (CV), as well as a letter indicating why you believe Intelfi would be interested in hiring you to the address below.

Intelfi might require particular skills depending on the assignments it receives from specific clients. It is within this framework that Intelfi recruits specialists and technical experts and/or commercial experts. These employment opportunities appear on this site, as well as other public forums that are considered appropriate to fill the positions as soon as possible.

Intelfi favors direct contact through this site, as well as e-mail communications. It also notifies recruitment offices at business schools, management and technical schools, and European, Asian and American universities.

> Please direct any questions to : recruit@intelfi.com

Intelfi has an ongoing need for support skills in the administrative, linguistic and communication spheres. These skills are required for publications on the Internet, on the Intelfi site, as well as in specialized professional web sites.

> Please direct any questions to : support@intelfi.com

Intelfi is particularly proud of its positive role in influential communities. This translates into an interest in regularly contributing to professional training and assisting students and young professionals in their careers, in particular by means of internships that make shared accomplishments possible. Requests for internships are considered based on the student's interest, their completing an educational degree or facilitating the beginning of a professional career. Also taken into consideration is the overall store of knowledge and information of the candidate in one or several domains.

This concern is demonstrated by Intelfi representatives being present at student forums, participating in training seminars and by work during holidays or in professional training programs with various students nearing their graduation and/or obtaining specialized diplomas of interest to Intelfi.

> Please direct any questions to : internship@intelfi.com

Intelfi is centered on competency, the right response to the needs of its clients, and economic results. Intelfi emphasizes respect by, and for its partners, of its diversity program, requiring equality, respect and employment opportunities employees regardless of the opinions, commitments, origins or religion of employees.

On the basis of equal skills, Intelfi pledges to promote the hiring of students or graduates whose backgrounds reflect this diversity, thereby making it possible to reinforce equity and gender equality.

Intelfi reserves the right to sanction or dismissal when these principles are not applied within its offices. Likewise, participating in religious or political activities or visibly taking up religious or political positions is not compatible with these principles of neutrality.

> Please direct any questions to : diversity@intelfi.com

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