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Intelfi is founded on the values of expertise, equity, progress and communication and provides its clients with the highest level of satisfaction and concrete bottom-line results.

Intelfi is keen on a fair division of value and is not out to replace any company departments or divisions. Its contribution is expressed in the short and medium term by optimizing procedures, guiding companies during vital periods of large-scale change and improving performance. All of these are expressed in terms of customer satisfaction and improved cost control.

Intelfi asserts its capacity to perfectly grasp a company's key issues. This is because expert advice is useless unless it is accompanied by a proficient understanding of a company's markets, industry and products.

Intelfi delivers specific approaches designed to serve your company's general policies.

Intelfi provides services to multi-national corporations, international businesses, highly specialized Firms, international organizations, and individual clients by assisting them with major projects and legitimizing new practices that arise from significant structural evolutions.

To understand and solve your company's issues, Intelfi favors establishing a long-term relationship and capitalizing on your employee's knowledge base.

Intelfi endeavors to avoid all conflict of interest which could result in favoring or advising against a given approach, implementing a technique, or even going forward with a strategic expansion or collaboration.

Should Intelfi realize that it, or one of its agents has a conflict of interest, it pledges to faithfully communicate such potential conflict to its clients. Intelfi might determine that it is unable to proceed with the consulting contract. If that is the case, Intelfi will recommend another consulting firm that can directly handle the assignment.

Intelfi intervenes in international programs that combine strategic and innovative strategies, provide added value, and contribute to outstanding financial and industrial results. Intelfi guarantees high performance levels for the solutions it recommends. It can make this promise due to its combination of several specialties; Law, Taxation, Human Resources, Finance and Management.

Intelfi mediates key processes including specific variables. It implements actions plans that are validated by the company's management team, members of board of directors, company boards, and its administrative directors.

Intelfi gathers all of the information it deems necessary to properly carry out its assignment. We keep this data exclusively for purposes of the consultant-client relationship.

Intelfi commits to abide by the strictest level of confidentiality, without any exceptions, as to the names, procedures, and nature of actions undertaken, processes put into place, data provided by the client, and the results achieved.

Intelfi can use certain parts of this work product for scientific, managerial or teaching purposes within the scope of Intelfi's educational work, or for publication.

Within this framework, any factual data that would make it possible to identify a client is masked according to all of the prevalent procedures.

Intelfi designs specific and original solutions for its clients. The hallmarks of Intelfi solutions are that their value can be appreciated immediately, they allow for easy implementation, and they offer a stable and predictable environment on financial, international and industrial levels.

Intelfi's fee structure is competitive with regard to the standards of other consulting firms. The fees take into consideration clients' strategic and budgetary requirements.

Whenever it is feasible and of mutual interest for the client and Intelfi, the consulting fees can be indexed according to the actual results achieved pursuant to a "success fee" clause.

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