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Effectiveness of International HR Departments


The legitimacy of HR departments is no longer questioned in its role as an adjunct to the company's operating units in times of change. Companies look to their HR departments to develop cross-cutting policies and the executive boards regularly consults with HR.

It is in these words that the "strategic" HR department plays a role in upstream changes and uses the language of operations directors. The HR department can do all of the following: deflect the decisions of an executive board and manage the actions necessary to interface with other departments; establish a shareholding plan for employees with the financial department; jointly determine with the executive committee which junior managers have the potential to quickly be promoted to Country Managers; assist the administrative department in implementing a new corporate-wide purchasing policy; provide support to the communications department for a new policy of institutional relations.

Having acquired a definite maturity, HR departments also ensure stability while encouraging progress. HR departments must stabilize their positioning and improve their contribution at the time when international operations have strong impacts on structures.

Between 1995 and 2004, 75% of major global corporations opted for outsourcing to deal with the exigencies of strategic transactions such as a merger, acquisition, integration or conveyance. The effect of this outsourcing was that the HR department suffered setbacks in its network, the company incurred high costs and developed a dependency that is hard to overcome.

Added value. Intelfi prepares HR departments and accompanies them during major company developments in order to increase their performance levels and allow them to take advantage of unusual situations.

Intelfi intervenes in five key areas to improve the international value of HR departments.

Value analysis : quantitative; comparing the specific costs of an HR department according to country and company standards. Qualitative: satisfaction levels of direct and indirect clients, competitiveness of positioning.

Strategic involvement : performance evaluation in relation to the specific needs of an international organization. Proactive and reactive competencies.

Capacity to evolve : analysis of the favorable factors and definition of a success vector that makes it possible to reach a target performance level.

Potential for duties to evolve: identify the key cooperation spheres and breakdown in HR functions within the context of the organization and its performances targets.

Repositioning : assure management of compliance, reinforce the value of a trustworthy partner and implement cross-cutting programs. A staggered implementation plan and alternative configurations corresponding to the principal situations of international growth.

All of these elements constitute the I.D.P. or International Development Plan

Intelfi prepares corporate human resource departments to produce more value in international development situations.

Intelfi closely accompanies HR departments to optimize the implementation of an international development plan or provides coaching to departments that are directly exposed to the major evolutions.

The services that are part of the I.D.P. are :

▪ Training and participation in due diligence steps for growth projects

▪ Catalogue actual HR skill and target those that are needed

▪ Define international development situations

▪ Diagnose the organization and its potential evolution

▪ Define the key competencies and those that need to be developed to handle the international   projects.

▪ Sizing and fine-tuning of the organizations for an optimal international contribution

▪ Make decisions regarding internal repositioning, objectives and deadlines as well as   necessary and managed growth.

▪ Simulate the proposed internationalization models

Coach HR departments that are facing immediate, strategic, international changes

In the last 20 years, HR departments have demonstrated a lot of talent in earning their place among the decision makers at corporations. Providing legitimate advice to managers as to the evolution of jobs, employees, and structures, they must still acquire skills such as self-evaluation and develop competencies enabling them to maximize their contributions at a time when frequent international operations have become commonplace.

Intelfi reinforces the skills set of international HR departments to comprehensively master their activity, increase their productivity, profitability and level of trust needed to broaden their influence at the helm of the corporation.
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