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Intelfi offers four state-of-the-art expertises. This commitment requires constant updating of its knowledge base, skills, professional and administrative networks.

Intelfi establishes its research priorities by seeking out each client's best interest, providing innovative advice, leveraging the capacity for transformation in a short period of time into a profitable and usable proposal, at the ready with additional expertise and tangible financial results.

The 2004-2006 developments are focused on european trade union relations, their main issues and the ways to use european regulations and directives, in the firm development.

By attending country meetings and overseeing country management issues, international directors provide homogenous and logical management information.

However, information about European social issues goes beyond this framework; European social policies present a special dilemma of conflicting organizations, costs and results.

Co-existing bodies: pursuant to national labor regulations, there are strong organizations in France (company committees, group committees) and Germany (Betriebsrat, Konzernbetriebsrat) that co-exist with legal regulations and formal organizations that are simpler, less restrictive and more flexible.

Costs : overhead costs for French and German organizations are high. The costs for launching and running a European Group Committee are extraordinary when compared with results solely expressed in terms of compliance with, and respect for European directives.

You are considering having your company participate in a "EGC" or renew your agreement and the practices that are already in place in order to :

▪ Have a balanced and homogenous network between highly regulated countries and other    less-regulated countries.

▪ Benefit from an efficient creation of a network with all of your business activities in Europe.

▪ Additional transmission of your management decisions

▪ Complementary source of information

▪ Adopt a working method that makes it possible to measure results

Optimization: Save money, reassign a portion of overhead expenses for national companies to European objectives that are decided on and shared between the company's management team and country/personnel representatives.

> Social costs are optimized.

Conflicts : Concrete European objectives replace national habits that are often remote from the regulations that first established them.
Without favoring a supranational authority, the European network makes it possible for pragmatic countries to dilute their most dogmatic positions.

> Conflicts diminish

Influence: Taken at the European level, with reasoning that is better supported and more highly shared, your decisions provide additional legitimacy with employees, competitors, government and regulatory agencies, and supervision authorities.

Your influence grows locally as well as all over Europe, where this management style is held up as an example.

1. To develop a European automobile equipment supply, definition of a system of social issues between the "northern countries (Germany, Benelux, Royal Kingdom, Switzerland) and the "southern countries" (Spain, Italy, Portugal) making it possible to relay corporate trade policies within nine industrial and logistical sites.

Request from C.E.O. and human resources committee comprised of HR group and HR branches.

Objective : Improve productivity by decreasing the conflict level by having the two country groups share common labor objectives.

2. For a chemicals and pharmaceuticals group present in 18 European countries, enlargement and "re-launch" of the "EGC" launched in 1998 in six countries. The goal was to spread a representative European social model between the 1998 "founding" countries, as well as the new subscribers.

The company is characterized by high levels of initial and acquired training within the company as well as an emphasis in practicing and posting best pharmaceutical practices.

The two dimensions to be highlighted are the value of human resources of the principal departments, including research, and compliance with the supervision authorities and government drug agencies.

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