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Uniqueness: Because of your company's strategy, its solid place on its markets, its international developments and achievements, and its daring, your company is unique. Each client is unique and each assignment is specific.

From this angle, a "client portfolio" does not accurately reflect what Intelfi accomplishes for its clients.

In its approach, Intelfi uses a matrix with four variables to counsel, integrate and optimize every client's capital :

Nature of the assignment : identify one or several of Intelfi's applicable areas of expertise.

Type of clientele : belonging to one or several of the four identifiable groups.

Geographic area : location in one of the three world regions

Person responsible for orders : who in the organization makes decisions with regard to Intelfi?

Getting to know each other: Intelfi clients in 2005

1. Classifications

2. Expertise

3. Geographical missions

4. Decision makers

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